Arduino Cell Phone

August 2013:

The goal of this project is to teach myself hardware and software concepts specific to Arduino. I have done some research on similar projects, which I intend to use as a guide for producing the initial device. Once the device is stable, I will enhance the user interface to support additional, web-based, features and increase its overall scalability. This scalability will allow a smoother transition during device integration with my quad-copter project. This will be done to support additional GPS and weather features. Ultimately, this project provides a limitless canvas to envision, merge, and apply concepts obtained from my final semester’s course work (Mobile Robotics, Mobile Computing, and Computer Networks) starting this month.

Update (1-23-14):

Additional research shows there are existing libraries and Linux OS support for larger touch screen hardware. I can take existing communication hardware components and add them to a similar device to reduce development time for the additional features that any OS would naturally support. Once that device is stable, I will need to go back and ensure the communication hardware still functions correctly.

Update (6/15/14):

Got the phone assembled, but the GPRS shield isn't operating correctly. I need to look into this further to see if it's a SIM card or driver issue. I might switch to the GSM shield to sanity check communication issues. I'm considering integrating some features from the Jasper project (opensource always-on voice system) to provide additional unique functionality.

(Update 7/2/2014):

Still no luck with the current GPRS shield (SimCom900 chip). I'm going to switch to the SimCom800 chip and see if I can get basic communication stable. Jasper is up an running, but I need to do a little more research into the natural language parsing features. I'm considering integrating the Jasper project with the Nano Quadcopter instead. Ideally, it would support autonomous flight through voice commands.


Adafruit FONA MiniGSM


Arduino Cell Phone

Arduino Cell Phone

Arduino Cell Phone


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