To further my skills in this industry, I engage in "side projects" when possible. These projects are usually a kludge of ideas from recent fields of study in Computer Science.  They also involve open source development on existing systems.

Nano Quadcopter(s)

This project will provide me some basic applied knowledge specific to quad copters. I intend to work on some of the undeveloped features of the sensors to challenge myself and refine my vision of this project. More importantly, I want to use this as a functional foundation to support my idea with the Arduino Cell Phone project. 

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Arduino Cell Phone

The goal of this project is to teach myself hardware and software concepts specific to Arduino. I have done some research on similar projects, which I intend to use as a guide for producing the initial device. Once the device is stable, I will enhance the user interface to support additional, web-based, features and increase its overall scalability. This scalability will allow a smoother transition during device integration with my quad-copter project.

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Wireless Amplifier

This system is designed to simplify a musician's interaction with an amplifier.

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  • Wireless Amplifier System to simplify musicians' interaction.